‘Star Wars’ Animation Roundup: August 2018

Every month, TWG gathers the latest news, interviews, fan creations, and other updates pertaining to the Star Wars animated shows (Star Wars: The Clone WarsStar Wars RebelsLEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker AdventuresForces of Destiny, and Star Wars Resistance).


  • Henry Gilroy and Carrie Beck attended the 2018 Emmy nominee reception.
  • Check out the guidelines for Sabine Wren’s season four Lothal Civilian Disguise, the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club’s first non-armored costume.
  • Jon Favreau (Pre Vizsla) and Dave Filoni took a photo together at Skywalker Ranch.
  • In light of recent Star Wars Resistance announcements, a few show writers have made themselves known on social media, including Chris Wyatt, Kevin Burke, Gavin Hignight, and Eugene Son.
  • recently highlighted Executive Producer Athena Portillo.
  • Subscribers of the D23 member magazine will get an exclusive look at Star Wars Resistance. Read an excerpt over at

Books and Comics

  • Star Wars Adventures #16, coming out on November 21, will feature a Star Wars Resistance story by show writers Chris Wyatt and Kevin Burke.
  • Jedi-Bibliothek recently discovered that there will be a new World of Reading book for young children featuring the Star Wars Resistance pilots.

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Tweets by Henry Gilroy

In honor of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars 10th year anniversary, producer and head writer Henry Gilroy has been sharing great tweets about the show:

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