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New ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Details From D23’s Fall 2018 Magazine

Lucasfilm’s Star Wars Resistance made a special appearance in the Fall 2018 issue of the D23 member magazine.

Executive Producers Athena Portillo, Justin Ridge, Brandon Auman, and Art Director Amy Beth Christenson spoke about the upcoming series and dropped new nuggets of information along the way.

Unlike Star Wars Rebels, which took place 5 years before A New Hope, Resistance will kick things off about 6 months prior to The Force Awakens.

“We have a lot of connective tissue to the movie which is great,” said Ridge, who also acts as the supervising director for the series.

As revealed in a recent featurette, Resistance features a diverse group of characters with Kazuda Xiono (voiced by Christopher Sean) as the lead. Auman, also known as the head writer of the series, described Kaz as a fish out of water.

“He’s great at flying, but he’s not so great as being a spy,” he told D23. “That’s not his element, which is exactly why Poe thinks he will be effective. He sees that Kaz has a lot of heart and genuine desire to help people.”

Other details about Kaz came to light, such as the fact that he served in the Navy of the New Republic prior to being recruited by Poe Dameron. Kaz is also described as the hotshot son of an affluent family who live on a metropolitan planet.

After taking up the assignment, Kaz finds himself on a water planet run by criminals and swarming with shady characters, like pirates and the First Order. There, he joins Team Fireball. Now, you’d think the name originated from a ship with unimaginable speed. Turns out, the ship Kaz ends up flying is called Fireball because it has the tendency to explode.

One character who doesn’t have to worry about exploding ships is Torra Doza, a skilled racer and a fierce competitor known for winning countless races. She enjoys the sport, but she also longs to experience life outside of being a racer. Unfortunately for her, she is the daughter of an overprotective captain and he purposefully keeps her isolated for her own safety.

On the other side of the coin are the First Order and the new villain that Kaz will have to deal with throughout the series, Commander Pyre.

“Commander Pyre is an intriguing, no-nonsense stormtrooper commander,” said Ridge. The only other detail we know is that Pyre answers to Captain Phasma.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Bringing these new and familiar characters to life in a refreshing new style was no easy task for Art Director Amy Beth Christenson. The first two characters Christenson had to experiment with in order to find a new look were Poe Dameron and General Leia Organa. Talk about a tall order, but with 18 years at Lucasfilm under her belt, she made it happen by pulling inspiration from all the stuff she loved as a kid.

To tie the sketches and character studies together, Lucasfilm turned to sculptor and design artist Darren Marshall. Like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels years ago, Marshall created the maquettes necessary for visual references.

“We gave him all of our drawings, and the first time I saw Darren’s Poe Dameron sculpt, I felt it really brought everything together,” said Christenson. “The style really supports the light-hearted and fun feeling we wanted to convey.”

Join the Resistance when the series premieres on Sunday, October 7, at 10pm ET/PT on the Disney Channel and Disney NOW.

To learn more about how to become a D23 member and the benefits that come with the membership, visit D23.

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