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Geeky Bubble: Resistance Chat and Mark Von Ohlen Interview

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the upcoming animated show Star Wars Resistance. Johnamarie also interviews Mark Von Ohlen, Brand Manager of Entertainment at The Topps Company. The two talk about what’s coming soon from Star Wars Authentics, the Star Wars animated shows, and New York Comic Con plans.

Points of discussion include:

  • Team Fireball
    • Kazuda Xiono as a male lead
    • Theories about Kazuda’s family
    • Poe imposing on Jarek Yeager’s quiet way of life
    • Neeku Vozo’s eccentricity
    • Tam Ryvora’s personal dreams
  • Team Aces
    • Torra Doza’s relationship with her father
    • Hype Fazon’s ego and potential as a Resistance fighter
    • Griff Halloran’s background as an ex-Imperial
    • Freya Fenris being a hard book to read
    • The mysterious nature behind Bo Keevil
  • First Order
    • Thoughts on the First Order in general
    • What we want to see in terms of bad guys
    • First Order spies
  • Star Wars Rebels
    • Hera and Jacen Syndulla
    • Thoughts on the show not having Jedi


  • Click here to read about how TWG will be exclusively revealing Star Wars Authentics photos of Star Wars Resistance.
  • Outer Rim Originals has joined forces with officially licensed artists from Disney, Lucasfilm, and Topps to provide fans with unique and exclusive artwork celebrating the Star Wars franchise. Use the discount code WookieeGunner10 to get 10% off your order of a limited edition signed print.

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