Geeky Bubble: Resistance – The Recruit

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the Star Wars Resistance 2-part series premiere, “The Recruit.”

Points of discussion include:

  • Kaz and the Resistance
    • Kaz’s introduction
      • Son of a senator, comparisons to Leia and Ezra
      • Relationship with his father
    • Resistance as extremists
    • The secret source behind the message delivered to the Resistance
  • Castilon and the Colossus
    • Thoughts about the location
    • Non-human/humanoid characters, like Neeku, Aunt Z, and Grevel
    • Poe and BB-8’s relationship
    • Poe’s presence in the premiere
    • The timeline of the series
  • Team Fireball
    • Meeting Tam Ryvora, Bucket, Orka, and Flix
    • Gorgs are friends, not food
  • The Sky Race and the First Order
    • Torra’s personality
    • Fan theory about Yeager and the First Order
    • The premiere compared to past series premieres


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  • Length: 1 hour and 8 minutes

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1 comment on “Geeky Bubble: Resistance – The Recruit

  1. I’ve finally reached a place in my job where I can listen to podcasts as I work, and I’ve been catching up on some Rebels Chat/Geeky Bubble.
    Some thoughts on this episode and one of your older ones:
    -KaZam is the best ship name I’ve heard in a very long time. I will be using that now~
    -You compared Kaz to Leia in this episode. I talked some about it in my review over on Geeky Girl Experience, but there’s a huge difference between them. Yes, both are privileged and son/daughter of senators. But the major difference between them is the time period they are raised in. Leia was raised during the Empire, her father one of the creators of the Rebel Alliance, and she grew up fighting.
    Kaz was raised during peace time. He’s never known war. To him (in my opinion), the Resistance is like a cool club to join led by a legendary cool hero (Leia).
    That’s a huge difference between them.

    In regards to your older episode for Steps into Shadow, it just makes me really excited to start podcasting Rebels. On Jaig Eyes and Jedi, we’re starting Rebels the end of this year/early next year. I’ve been forbidden to watch episodes (but it doesn’t mean I can’t listen to podcasts~). I started with season three of your show to catch up, because I’ve become a bit of a Thrawn fangirl.
    I’m most looking forward to watching Rebels now that a) the show is completed and I can view single episodes in the entire show and b) we know what really happened to Thrawn from the “Thrawn” novel. I smiled listening to you and Ma discuss Thrawn and how he got all these people killed at Batonn to become Grand Admiral. We now know it was entirely Governor Pryce who did that, because Thrawn doesn’t like killing unless he has to. “Thrawn” also gave us background of season one and two of Rebels and Lothal. We know that Ryder Azadi forced Arihnda’s family to give up their mine and way of life for his political gain, thus putting her on the path to be a villain. He’s not entirely the hero he appears to be in the show. But that’s the great thing about Rebels:
    It’s not all black and white.
    Long story short, I’m enjoying listening to your older episodes for Rebels. It’s making me excited to not only cover Rebels myself, but also remember when Rebels was more cut and dry before we got more background on Lothal.
    Thanks for the awesome show! I can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on Resistance
    Say hi to Ma for me!

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