Keystone Comic Con Panel With SW Geek Girl and TWG

Back in September, Zoe Hinton of the Star Wars Geek Girl podcast invited me to her panel about women in the Star Wars fandom.

I’ve been on panels before, specifically at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. I will admit it’s a nerve-racking experience, sitting in front of a crowd of people and trying to hold onto their attention for about an hour. I haven’t done panels since, but when Zoe and her dad asked, I was happy to say yes.

She and Lizzie Perales (her co-host on the podcast) are young fangirls in the Star Wars community who express their joy and love of the galaxy far, far away through their podcast. I joined the fandom when I was much older, but seeing them do this at such a young age truly inspires me. I wish I could have been as cool as them when I was their age!

The panel featured a casual conversation about some of our favorite women in Star Wars and how they shaped the fandom. Here’s the description:

Zoe discusses growing up as a female fan in the Star Wars fandom, Star Wars podcasts, meeting her co-host Lizzy face-to-face for the first time at Celebration Orlando, and trooping alongside the 501st since she was 6 years old. She will also be joined by Johnamarie Macias of the Wookiee Gunner. They will also talk about the effect of women characters in the new Star Wars universe, and the upcoming return of Clone Wars.

Audio: SoundCloud

Zoe also gifted me a Captain Rex helmet that she made herself!

There are some photos of her making it on the Star Wars Geek Girl Facebook page. While you’re there, give them a follow. You can also find SW Geek Girl on Twitter.

Check out the gallery below for more TWG photos from Keystone Comic Con.

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