‘Star Wars Resistance’ Review: “The Triple Dark”

“The Triple Dark” starts off innocent enough with Kaz trying to find a balance between being a mechanic and a spy. The story eventually leads into a dark corner of a room somewhere with Phasma standing in the shadows and intimidating music playing in the background. Slowly but surely, we’re learning more about why it’s important for Kaz to be at the Colossus at this point in time and what the First Order is planning.

What I appreciate most about this latest episode is that it introduces a few new details the sequel movies didn’t focus on too much. Granted, some of these details were fleshed out in novels, but I’m more of a visual person. Resistance is doing what the prequels did for the old trilogy, except it’s on a smaller scale. The prequels showed us how the Empire came to be. Resistance is dropping hints about how the First Order operates and how they managed to rise up from the shadows.

I also love how Kaz continues to be an example of a genuinely good person, even to people who don’t deserve his kindness. His lucky trophy meant everything to him, but when Grevel needed his help, he used it as a doorstop. Certain possessions may hold sentimental value, but they’re not more important than someone else’s life (even if that someone is a sleemo). Like Ezra and Ahsoka before him, he’s a good role model and leads by example.

You can read my full recap/review over at Culturess.

Additional Thoughts

  • I love how Dee Bradley Baker voices Grevel. I never would have guessed it was him.
  • I can’t wait to see more of Synara San, especially in relation to Kaz and his mission.
  • When Yeager says, “It’s not the average person you need to be worried about,” I got a sketchy vibe from him. That, and when he dismisses Kaz entirely when Kaz tries to tell him about the First Order at the end of the episode. I wonder if Yeager is hiding something.

To learn more about this week’s episode, check out the official episode guide.

What did you think of “The Triple Dark”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

The next all-new episode, “Fuel for the Fire,” will air on Sunday, October 21, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Disney Channel. Cable and satellite subscribers will have early access to the episodes through the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD.

2 comments on “‘Star Wars Resistance’ Review: “The Triple Dark”

  1. My favorite bits were with Kaz and his Aurodium trophy. He earned it fair and square and won’t let go of it without a fight so we can see he cherishes it for its sentimental value more than the rare metal it’s made of. It’s nice that instead of his trophy getting fully destroyed (which I thought would happen) it gets bashed up when he uses it in action while remaining intact; which he may see as a reflection of himself. Kaz may screw up but he’ll still keep moving forward. I think he’s going to learn a lot of good things from Yeager.

    Speaking of Yeager, I agree that he is definitely hiding something. Maybe because he was in the last war he just wants to put his head in the sand and forget about the fight. Or maybe he experienced trauma or lost someone so he doesn’t want to be part of Kaz’s mission or get emotionally close to anyone.

    • Johnamarie Macias

      Aww, I love what you said about Kaz and his trophy! I think I’ll read that in the next podcast episode!

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