Geeky Bubble: Resistance – The Triple Dark

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the Star Wars Resistance episode “The Triple Dark.”

Points of discussion include:

  • Kaz the Mechanic/Spy
    • A coincidence that Hallion arrived at Yeager’s shop?
    • Neeku’s response to Kaz’s possessions
    • Tip-toeing around the market to find hints of the First Order
    • Yeager’s response about the Resistance
  • Pirates Attack
    • Pirates wearing Imperial armor
    • Where was Griff during the attack?
  • First Order Connection
    • Thoughts on Phasma
    • What does the First Order want with the Colossus?
  • Final Thoughts/Listener Questions
    • Synara San theory
    • Kaz’s maturity level
    • Thoughts about Tam as a character


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  • Length: 50 minutes

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3 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Resistance – The Triple Dark

  1. It hit me today as I listened to this episode who Kaz reminded me of:
    Lux Bonteri from Clone Wars.
    Both are sons of senators. Both come from a home of privilege with power. We saw in “A Friend in Need” that Lux was over eager to get revenge for his mother’s death by trusting Death Watch. He was so sure that he ignored Ahsoka’s warnings.
    Which led me to think about Kaz in this episode. One thing that’s been rubbing me the wrong way is how much Kaz isn’t leaning on the rest of Team Fireball. He openly ignores Tam and Yeager and tricks Neeku so Kaz gets his way. He meets these new kids and is so sure they’re the right match for him. Both Yeager and Neeku warn Kaz about them. It took making a mistake, like Lux did with Death Watch, to realize his team was right.
    Now, there are huge differences between Lux and Kaz too. Lux grew up in wartime and lost both of his parents. I stated in another comment that Kaz has grown up in peace and doesn’t really know the horrors of war. But with the show crossing over into the Force Awakens timeline, I think we’re going to see Kaz go on a similar journey that Lux did.
    Lux grew up real fast. He joined Saw and Steela to fight for his planet. He became pretty mature over a very short time. Not to spoil books, we know he grows up to be a pretty awesome adult.
    With them being so similar, I really look forward to Kaz going on this journey too. He’s in the “Lux doesn’t know what he’s getting into and still has a rich boy mentality” phase. I think he’s going to go on a really awesome path over the course of the show.

  2. Rest assured, JM, that the new opening is wicked awesome. Kudos for using voices from different parts of “Star Wars”! I like how upbeat and exciting the into is.

    So a “triple dark” can refer to some kind of weather? I wasn’t sure what you guys were referring to. I also did a google search by typing in “Triple Dark” and came up with a lot of chocolate recipes so JM is quite on target about a Triple Dark chocolate bar that would do well on the market.

    • Johnamarie Macias

      Aww, thank you so much, Stella! Really appreciate that!

      And my mom was referring to the Triple Dark storm that happened in the episode. She was in the mood for a rain storm that day. But as she was mentioning it, I immediately thought she was talking about candy or ice cream, haha! Nope, she was just talking about the type of storm, just like what happened in that episode. :)

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