Geeky Bubble [113] Resistance – “The Children From Tehar”

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the Star Wars Resistance episode “The Children from Tehar.”

Points of discussion include:

  • Breaking Tam’s part
    • Kaz embracing his mechanic side
    • Neeku’s generosity
    • The children from Tehar and their symbol
    • Kaz’s “What could go wrong?”
  • Engineering level
    • Puffer pig bacon
    • Bolza Grool as the Cabbage Merchant from Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • Thoughts on the Chelidae
  • Meeting with Doza
    • Meeting comes across as an interrogation
    • Thoughts on Captain Doza. Have they changed?
    • Doza’s relations with the First Order
  • First Order hunting them down
    • Kylo Ren massacring people and Rey’s vision
    • Stories of the Jedi
    • Commander Pyer being voiced by Spartacus
    • The First Order’s plans
    • Would the kids have changed the mind of the Senate?


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  • Length: 1 hour and 6 minutes

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