TWG Featured in the “365 Days of Star Wars Women” Project

TWG’s Johnamarie Macias was featured today in Amy Richau’s “365 Days of Star Wars Women” project.

Star Wars is nothing without its fans – which is why I felt like #365StarWarsWomen would not be complete without them,” wrote Richau on Twitter.

In the interview, Johnamarie talks about her:

  • Introduction to Star Wars
  • Love of Star Wars animated content
  • Reasons behind creating TWG
  • Love of Ezra Bridger
  • Visit to Lucasfilm
  • Tips for attending conventions
  • And more!

Visit 365starwarswomen.com to read the full interview.

Also, make sure to follow Amy Richau on Twitter for more #365StarWarsWomen updates.

3 comments on “TWG Featured in the “365 Days of Star Wars Women” Project

  1. Awesome interview. I’m excited to read that Johnamarie also grew up on the 90’s Disney cartoons. The Ducktales reboot is quite good and I do agree that some animated shows tell a story better than live-action ones. Not just because you can do things with animation that are limited in live-action but because every second of animation counts for costs, the writers and producers have to make sure that every bit of screen time with the characters matter.

    Speaking of animation I’ve been rewatching the original “Teen Titans” lately and goodness, is it still good! Robin also reminds me of Ezra although the former has a *much* more fiery temper! I can imagine Ezra trying to get Robin to be more open with his teammates and teach him some Jedi mediation but the Boy Wonder would just go flying off the handle.

    And I see what you mean about Filoni having put so much effort into his animated characters that it might not translate properly onto a live-action screen. I’m thrilled to hear Filoni said that he isn’t done by a longshot with SW storytelling. Means we have lots to look forward to. (Methinks Ezra has spent his five missing years setting up a Correlian craft-brewery.)

    I await the Johnamarie Funko Pop with anticipation.

    • Johnamarie Macias

      Hey! Thank you so much for reading the interview! Those are my thoughts exactly when it comes to animation.

      I love the original “Team Titans.” Gosh, it’s been years since I last watched it. I love the idea of Ezra trying to get Robin to be more open, hehe!

      I didn’t even think about making myself into a Funko Pop! I should do that! :D

  2. Well-deserved! Love Johnamarie and TWG! <3

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