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Resistance Follow-Up: Castilon and Its Wreckage

In the episode “Synara’s Score,” we learn a new detail about Castilon and the fact that there’s plenty of scrap sitting on the ocean floor, making us more curious about the planet’s history as well as its future.

When Tam approaches Synara and asks if she has a spare CoMar tri-tracker chip, Synara is skeptical. Still, Tam asks if there’s any military wreckage that might have what they’re looking for and she even mentions a VF-72 gunner ship and a Y-wing as examples. While the former is a reference to an old World War II aviation unit, the latter is a well-known starfighter from the Clone Wars and during the fight against the Empire.

It sounds like Castilon might have been involved in the action back in the day, similar to how Jakku became the final battleground between the Empire and the Rebellion. Instead of wreckage abandoned on the scorching sand dunes, the evidence of war on Castilon lies on the ocean floor.

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2 comments on “Resistance Follow-Up: Castilon and Its Wreckage

  1. Sticking a lot of ships and secrets beneath the waters is a great way to introduce some mysteries into the story. I do recall some cool art concepts from the “Art of Force Awakens” book where a character is seen scuba-diving into some ocean and finds part of the Death Star or the Emperor’s chair. Methinks Jakku was easier to run across than the ocean floor.

    But the contrast from a desert world to an ocean one is a good thing. And I suspect Kaz and his friends may eventually dive down beneath those waters to discover something surprising. Personally I wish there were some kyber crystals down there but doubt we’ll get that Force-sensitive item focused on in “Resistance”. Maybe there’s more parts that they can use for the Fireball or Kaz’s X-wing.

    • Johnamarie Macias

      I *love* the idea of Kaz and the others going underwater for something. That would be pretty cool! Here’s hoping that’s a storyline in the future!

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