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Resistance Follow-Up: Kaz and the Theme of Forgiveness

In the episode “The Platform Classic,” Kaz finds out Yeager has a brother. Throughout the episode, he sees them go from estranged family members to brothers taking the first step in mending their relationship. Will these events affect his difficult relationship with his father?

Like Ezra Bridger in Star Wars Rebels, Kaz is being exposed to situations that could help shape him as a character. In this episode, he saw two people start the process of healing and building trust again. This is important because he still needs to make peace with his own father, Hamato Xiono.

For the past few months, Kaz has been operating for the Resistance in secret. As far as we know, he has had no contact with his father or anyone else in his family. Even though what separates Kaz and Hamato is more about Kaz’s life choices rather than a tragic sky racing accident, there’s still a lack of communication and understanding that drives them further apart.

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