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Find New Content Under the Star Wars Kids YouTube Channel

In case you missed it, Lucasfilm debuted a new series of animated shorts, Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures. The brief shorts will introduce classic themes, iconic moments, and fan-favorite characters from across the Star Wars saga to a new generation of children.

Directed by Barry Kelly and animated by Titmouse, the shorts also come with an all-new website,, as well as the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel. (International fans can watch the shorts through

Lucasfilm Executive James Waugh spoke to about Galaxy of Adventures and what it has to offer.

“With Episode IX coming in December, and being the conclusion of the Skywalker saga — the long journey over 40 years of storytelling comes to its end — Galaxy of Adventures walks through the great moments and themes of the stories that led us here and introduces a new generation to them, in time for many to see this finale.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

In addition to the series, there will be a complimentary piece of micro-content called Star Wars Fun Facts as well as a new line of Hasbro toys currently available at Walmart and then nationwide in January 2019.

Producer Josh Rimes also spoke with about the creation of the series.

“The idea of approaching moments with a sense of playfulness was important,” said Rimes. “We didn’t want to make one-to-one exact retellings of the moments a lot of us know and love. Through the storytelling, design style, and kinetic action, the team really heightened these familiar moments, making the battles big and vivid and exciting, and enhancing many of them with humor and levity.”

You can read the rest here.

What are your thoughts regarding this new series and approach to storytelling?

Personally, I had a mixed reaction. On one hand, I’m happy to see Lucasfilm collaborate with a different animation studio. On the other, I’m someone who’s become more of a fan of the newer content. The old trilogy has had its time to shine, so I prefer to see content highlighting newer settings and characters. Then again, the children of today should be exposed to the stories that started it all in a more modern way. Children growing up in 2018 consume content differently than when I was a kid or the kids who were around in 1977. Since the show is described as highlighting moments and characters from across the Star Wars saga, I hope characters from the other animated shows (as well as comics and novels) are also included and the focus isn’t just on the live-action characters.

Let us know what you think of this latest development in the comments section below.

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