Geeky Bubble: Resistance – Secrets and Holograms

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the Star Wars Resistance episode “Secrets and Holograms.”


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4 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Resistance – Secrets and Holograms

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  2. Frankly, I say Kaz being such a bad liar might have just saved his backside. It allows people to underestimate him so that they won’t believe he’s capable of being a spy. And contrary to their presumptions, Kaz has gotten some great intel on his missions. Oh goodie, the trash compactor from hell! It’s the only place I can think more dangerous then being shoved out of the airlock.

    Where’s Ezra? I will keep with my mantra: read “Thrawn” and “Thrawn: Alliances”. I think Zahn is setting up a future for the Jedi and the Chiss.

    • Johnamarie Macias

      I tried reading the first few chapters of Thrawn, but it didn’t hold my attention. I’ll have to try again. I’m kind of worried about how Zahn would write Ezra, so I hope Dave Filoni handles that aspect of the story in the future.

      And you’re right, Kaz’s lying works out for him in the end!

      • I don’t blame you, especially since Thrawn is soooo evil in “Rebels” that to read his POV takes you out of that mode. And regarding Star Wars novels, every author has a different style. If I sound like a broken protocol droid on this topic, it is because there are some things in Zahn’s recent novels that are world-building in Star Wars and offer up twists and turns about the Empire and the galaxy.

        If the book bores you, I recommend Marc Thompson’s audiobook. I listened to it during commutes and chores to entertain me. He makes an effort to make every voice unique and entertaining.

        Because Filoni used one of Zahn’s characters (and he approved) in an animated series, I have confidence that if Zahn ever does write Ezra, he would treat him with the uttermost respect and use Filoni as a reference. But at this point it’s all speculation. Maybe Filoni does want to do something with those two.

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