Geeky Bubble: Resistance – Station Theta Black

Johnamarie and Maria discuss the Star Wars Resistance episode “Station Theta Black.”


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4 comments on “Geeky Bubble: Resistance – Station Theta Black

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  2. Excellent episode! I read a lot of DC comics so my favorite OTPs are Robin/Starfire and Batman/Catwoman.

    Regarding your comments about Kaz’s experience being trained, I got the impression he was learning more from simulators and practice targets rather than being out in the field. I recall in the “Aftermath” trilogy books, Mon Mothma wanted the New Republic to reduce its military presence. Her intentions were to end the conflict sooner but perhaps this lack of experienced soldiers and a strong military position is what allowed the First Order to gradually take over the New Republic.

    The contrast between Ezra and Kaz is noticeable. And yes, because Ezra is a Jedi, I think the audience had expectations for him to advance from a youngling to a padawan. And Kanan was quite attentive to Ezra. But Yeager doesn’t have that same relationship with Kaz. He’ll dole out bits of advice but he’s not there to be Kaz’s mentor or build him up. Kaz has to learn from everyone that he encounters.

    • Johnamarie Macias

      That is a fantastic point! Kaz and Yeager don’t have the same relationship as Kanan and Ezra, so that mentoring isn’t there. Thanks for putting that into perspective!

      And ooh, that Robin/Starfire OTP. *heart eyes*

      • I also didn’t realize it until another fan pointed out that Poe is almost like a mentor to Kaz, though more of a big brother than a father figure. The big brother who goads his little brother into bending rules because ho boy, those two got into a lot of trouble!

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