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Resistance Follow-Up: First Order Partners

In the episode “Dangerous Business,” Kaz discovers Teroj Kee is working with the First Order. We look back at the First Order’s partners in this next article.

We know the First Order is up to no good, but most everyone else in the galaxy isn’t aware of the fact. The growing dictatorship operates in the shadows and doesn’t reveal its true intentions until it’s too late. Before those plans come to fruition, however, they have to set the pieces on the board in a strategic way without getting caught red-handed. That’s where the pawns come in.

In “Dangerous Business,” Kaz stops a Mining Guild worker from delivering a phase connector — meant specifically for Starkiller Base — to the First Order. The words “Mining Guild” stood out to us because this isn’t the first time they’ve been included in a Star Wars story. They previously appeared in Star Wars Rebels, where they worked alongside with the Empire. So naturally, it’s not surprising to see the First Order collaborating with old connections from the Empire’s reign.

Read the rest of the article over at Culturess.

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