‘Star Wars Resistance’ Review: “Dangerous Business”

Before the next all-new episode airs on Sunday, January 27, here’s an excerpt from our review of “Dangerous Business.”

Last week, Kaz took to the skies in “Bibo” and offered assistance to the ace pilots as a giant sea creature attacked the Colossus. In the latest episode, “Dangerous Business,” Kaz spends his day assisting Flix and Orka by looking after their shop. Things start off well enough before chaos descends.

For what it’s worth, it wasn’t Kaz’s fault. In fact, he did everything he could to get back what was stolen from the acquisitions shop. And even though he found himself in the worst situations, we couldn’t help but laugh. The humor in Star Wars Resistance continues to be some of the best in the franchise.

You can read the full recap/review over at Culturess.

To learn more about this episode, check out the official episode guide.

What did you think of “Dangerous Business”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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