‘Star Wars Resistance’ Review: “The Doza Dilemma”

Before the next all-new episode airs on Sunday, February 3, here’s an excerpt from our review of “The Doza Dilemma.”

Things take a dramatic turn in “The Doza Dilemma.” The First Order’s patience is running thin, but they rely on the pirates one more time to get a crucial job done. Meanwhile, Synara is unsure where her loyalties lie. She withholds the truth from Kaz, but he’s seen enough evidence to recognize Synara isn’t who she says she is.

This latest episode kicks it up a notch as some allegiances are broken and others are questioned. While Star Wars Resistance excels at bringing the humor, it also does an excellent job at serving up some drama.

You can read the full recap/review over at Culturess.

To learn more about this episode, check out the official episode guide.

What did you think of “The Doza Dilemma”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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