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‘Star Wars Resistance’ Fan Art: Opeepit, Space Proms, and More

New episodes of Star Wars Resistance airs every Sunday, but you can catch fans creating Star Wars Resistance fan art all week long on social media.

Here are some of our favorites:

We absolutely adore Opeepit and his floor sweeper. He mostly hangs around in the background, just going about his business. We sincerely hope he gets his floor sweeper back soon in a dramatic reunion!

Wouldn’t this meeting between Kaz and Rey be awesome?! It’d be fantastic if this happens down the line, especially when the second season inevitably starts to tread into The Last Jedi territory.

Commander Pyre, be still our hearts! Voiced by the immensely talented and absolutely charming Liam McIntyre, we can’t help but love this gold-plated character. We have no idea what he looks like under the helmet, so here’s hoping we get to know the First Order a bit more as the series continues.

Let’s be honest, the Synara/Tam ship is all kinds of adorable. We’re sad Synara and Tam didn’t say goodbye to each other, so here’s hoping we see them together again in the near future, especially in the second season.

Kaz has the best facial expressions. He’ll let you know when he’s ecstatic, sad, annoyed, and every other emotion in between.

BB-8 in a bowtie is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen! Although a Star Wars Resistance prom episode isn’t in the cards (sadly), the idea of a space prom is absolutely fabulous. Someone needs to write this fan fiction!

Torra Doza is one of our favorite characters and definitely deserves more screen time. Stay tuned later this week to catch an interview between TWG and Myrna Velasco to learn more about what’s next for Torra!

This just makes Commander Pyre all the more huggable. That’s what Commander Pyre needs, really. More hugs.

Again, what’s not to love when it comes to Synara/Tam? With Synara out of the picture, though, we can’t help but wonder what’s next for Tam. Will we ever go back to the thread of her and Hype and the fact they used to be friends? Will she finally fly the Fireball?

Here’s another couple we wholly adore! Flix and Orka are clearly an item, but how will they handle the First Order’s presence on the Colossus? We haven’t seen their reactions to the recent occupation, so here’s hoping they’ll make an appearance again soon.

Gorgs are friends, not food! That is all.

Have a piece of Star Wars Resistance fan art you wish to share with us? Paste a link in the comments below.

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