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Resistance Follow-Up: What Will Synara Do Next?

In the episode “The First Order Occupation,” Synara manages to escape the clutches of the First Order with the help of Kaz, but where will she go next?

What’s next for Synara? Is she only using Kragan to get off Castilon and find a way out of the pirate gang? We could see her stealing a ship when he and the other pirates aren’t looking and making a better name and life for herself somewhere else. She’d have to start from scratch and that’s never easy.

Then again, pirates are an unpredictable bunch. What if Synara stirs up a mutiny and she takes over as the leader? She’s more than capable of doing so. She’d also retain the resources needed to do things her way instead of starting from scratch somewhere else. The fact of the matter is we don’t know what Synara will do and whether we’ll see her again.

Read the rest of the article over at Culturess.

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