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Check Out These Impressive ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Fan Creations

Star Wars Resistance has encouraged these fans to break out the paints, sewing machines, and an assortment of other tools to design and fabricate their own Resistance inspired creations.

First up is a custom-made miniature based on Griff Halloran’s helmet design. Made by Galaxy Props, the miniature helmet was given to voice actor Stephen Stanton as a gift.

Ever wanted to see how Kaz’s jacket would translate into the real world? One cosplayer is getting it done! Joanna is planning to finish her Kazuda Xiono cosplay in time for Star Wars Celebration Chicago, and we can’t wait to see it in person.

Here’s another excellent cosplay in the works for Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Stellar is working on Torra Doza armor. Check out Stellar’s Instagram to follow the work in progress.

Another pilot who’s getting some attention is Major Vonreg! Jsin Props made Vonreg’s red TIE fighter pilot helmet. He also has a red flight suit ready to go. Sadly, this prop builder won’t be going to Star Wars Celebration Chicago, but if you have questions or want more information, check out his Instagram.

As for this next Jsin Props photo, even though the focus is on the 3D printed flamethrower, my eyes couldn’t help but focus on the Commander Pyre helmet sitting in the background beside Major Vonreg. It’s good to see Pyre getting some love as well!

Last but not least, Brickheadz are popular LEGO sets based on individual characters, and while there aren’t any official Star Wars Resistance characters in the Star Wars lineup, fans have designed their own templates and instructions.

Marti Brix has Yeager, Neeku, and Kaz, while Headbricks further below has a different version of Kaz, Major Vonreg, Griff Halloran, Bucket, Tam, and Torra.

Have a Star Wars Resistance fan creation you wish to share with us? Paste a link in the comments below.

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