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Dave Filoni Celebrates #RebelsRemembered With New Art

March 5, 2018, is an important day for Star Wars Rebels fans because that’s the last day the series aired on Disney XD. The Ghost crew won the battle on Lothal, Ezra disappeared into an unknown part of the galaxy, and Sabine and Ahsoka went off on an adventure years later to find him.

To help celebrate the one-year anniversary of the finale, I was inspired to create the #RebelsRemembered hashtag. The purpose was to get people to share their favorite Star Wars Rebels memories on social media.

Much to my surprise, it blew up! I went in thinking we’d get a couple hundred tweets, but as the day went on, more and more people kept sharing genuinely sweet thoughts about the show and what it means to them.

The cast and crew as well as the official Star Wars social media accounts jumped in and brought more awareness to the tag, generating more conversation and positive reactions.

To cap it off, Dave Filoni, the executive producer of Star Wars Rebels, shared a heartfelt message about the fan-made movement and a new drawing featuring Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren.

Filoni wrote, “Thank you all for sharing your memories of Star Wars Rebels. It was a wonderful show to make, and the entire crew is humbled by your outpouring of love and support with #RebelsRemembered. I tried to think of something to sketch for all of you today, but I couldn’t come up with something from the past, so I drew a possible future instead. It’s always good to check in on old friends, don’t you think? No, this is not a new show, just a drawing I did today for you, the greatest fans there are. Thank you.”

Needless to say, I was genuinely moved that he and so many in the community came together for just one day to talk about one of the best pieces of Star Wars storytelling. I helped kick it off, but we all made it happen together!

As for the drawing itself, I was immediately reminded of The Fellowship of the Ring, specifically when the protagonists have to cross the Misty Mountains and encounter harsh wintry conditions. They are forced to go through the mines of Moria instead, where Gandalf comes face to face with a Balrog of Morgoth.

Filoni stated it’s just a “possible future,” but it’s interesting to see Ahsoka and Sabine somewhere along their quest to find Ezra. He also emphasized it’s not a new show, but deep down, we’re still hoping that story continues in the near future in some form or another.

And of course, Filoni wasn’t the only one to celebrate the anniversary. Here’s a roundup of social media posts from the crew, cast, and Star Wars Twitter account:

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In honor of the one year anniversary of the end of #StarWarsRebels & in celebration of #RebelsRemembered, I'd like to share some photos with you guys. These were taken over the course of the last 6 or so years, from our first trip to Comic Con (before the show had even premiered!) to the screening of the finale episode, where I ugly-cried in a theater full of fans & friends, watching the epilogue for the first time. The coolest chick I know, Sabine Wren, once said, "We’re a crew. A team. In some ways, a family." That was true for the Ghost Crew & it's true for those of us who were fortunate enough to be a part of the team to tell their story. I am forever grateful to Dave Filoni, my dearest castmates, and our infinitely talented crew. But most of all, I'm thankful to our fans, without whom this show could not have been what it was & continues to be. I've said it before & I'll say it again: #StarWars fans are the best in the world. Thank you and MTFBWY. Spectre 5, out.

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Did you participate and share some memories on #RebelsRemembered day? Do you want it to be an annual social media event? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

1 comment on “Dave Filoni Celebrates #RebelsRemembered With New Art

  1. It should definitely be an annual thing. That was my favorite day on Twitter.

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