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Resistance Follow-Up: Who is Agent Tierny?

In the episode “Descent,” we’re introduced to Agent Tierny of the First Order Security Bureau. We take a closer look at her character and what role she’ll play moving forward.

“She’s a security agent like Kallus, and they get to design their own gear,” said Amy Beth Christenson, the art director for Star Wars Resistance, in a recent article. “They don’t really have the standard uniform, so her entire undersuit is very police/SWAT team inspired.”

She also looks like the type of person who has had many successes in her career as an agent of the First Order Security Bureau. Most importantly, she looks like she doesn’t play any games and gets the job done.

We know this because of the gentle use of her voice and the method with which she operates. We can tell right away Tierny is both incredibly smart and strategic. She plays nice with Tam and makes her feel comfortable by bringing her to the Aces Lounge, where they could talk freely about what’s happened. Tierny knows how to gain Tam’s trust and how to use the truth about Kaz’s background to her benefit.

Read the rest of the article over at Culturess.

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