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Justin Ridge and Athena Portillo Talk With Good Morning America

In the two-part season one finale of Star Wars Resistance, the timeline finally catches up with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the two merge together in the most heart-wrenching way possible.

Putting our emotions aside for the moment, it was fascinating to see General Hux and the events from the movie play out in animated form.

In preparation for the finale, Good Morning America’s Clayton Sandell spoke with executive producers Justin Ridge and Athena Portillo.

Portillo talked about her start with Star Wars and her experience as an executive producer so far. Ridge explained how things would be darker in these final episodes, especially as Kaz and his friends try to figure out how to stop the First Order on Castilon.

One detail that stood out to us? The possibility of seeing small Star Wars Resistance references in the movies or live-action television shows.

“There are things that fans will be very excited about,” Ridge mentioned during the interview. “Obviously, we don’t want to give away too many secrets.”

The idea of seeing some of these characters pop up, like Commander Pyre, or hearing certain references, like a name, sounds incredibly exciting. It reminds us of how the Ghost, Chopper, and Hera’s name showed up in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

We can’t wait to see what easter eggs will pop up in the future. For now, you can find the rest of the interview over at GMA.

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