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The ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Executive Producers Talk With EW

Note: This article contains heavy spoilers for the season finale.

EW’s Anthony Breznican recently spoke with Executive Producers Justin Ridge, Brandon Auman, and Athena Portillo about the show’s season finale, Tam’s decision, and where the story might be headed next.

In “No Escape, Part 2,” Kaz and the gang manage to activate the Colossus in an attempt to escape from the First Order, but along the way, Tam decides to depart with Agent Tieny and Commander Pyre. We wish she could have been present during Hux’s speech and could have seen the destruction of the Hosnian system because she made her choice without being fully informed.

“We never really framed it where Tam was aware of what they did,” said Ridge during the interview. “Torra and Kaz saw the hologram transmission that the Stormtroopers were watching, but that happens as Tierny is basically seducing and manipulating Tam to come with her. I don’t think Tam was aware of exactly what they were doing.”

This will no doubt make things even more interesting for Tam’s storyline in the second season.

Something else we can’t wait to see fleshed out next season? Having the pirates back on board the Colossus. We can only imagine what kind of conflict that will cause, especially between leading figures like Captain Doza and Kragan Gorr.

“It’s kind of interesting to put the pirates into the mix, to see how that’s going to toss up the living situation being stuck out in space, on the run,” said Auman. “Now we’ve got this sort of unpredictable factor. But they’re all really just trying to survive together at this point. We don’t want to give away too much about what’s going to happen in season 2, obviously, but it’s definitely going to make things interesting for the residents of The Colossus. To now deal with, not only being on the run but having pirates on the ship.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

Now that the first season is over, what do you hope to see in the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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