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Amy Beth Christenson Talks With /Film About ‘Star Wars Resistance’

/Film’s Caroline Cao recently spoke with Amy Beth Christenson, the art director behind Star Wars Resistance.

Christenson talked about her position as art director and what that involves, the challenging aspects that come with the job, and her favorite visual aspects of the series. She also shared advice to those inspired to pursue a career in animation.

She also mentioned something I’ve been curious about, specifically the concepts and designs that don’t make the cut into the final product.

“This project has been different than previous experiences when Dave Filoni had pitched the show’s vibe,” said Christenson. “In the pre-production stage, I did a lot of quick sketches. We usually have a script and an idea of what the characters are going to be first before we design them. But a lot of characters were drawn first as background characters, and they resonated with everyone and got picked to be in the show, like Flix, Orka, and Tam. Some of those designs evolved later on. We did a lot of racer vehicles studies that didn’t make it because we did so many versions of skyracers.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

The first season of Star Wars Resistance is available to watch on DisneyNOW. Season two will debut later this fall.

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