Ahsoka Lives Day and #WheresEzra Are Coming to Celebration Chicago

So many exciting panels, meetups, autographs, and photograph opportunities are scheduled to happen at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, and we can’t help but add two more events to the pot!

Ahsoka Lives Day will be coming to Chicago, and given how things turned out for Ahsoka in the final season of Star Wars Rebels, we have an even bigger reason to celebrate #AhsokaLives. After all, Ezra helped save Ahsoka in “A World Between Worlds” and made it possible for her to continue her journey.

Join Amy Ratcliffe and Johnamarie Macias on Saturday, April 13, at 2:30 PM CT at the Grand Concourse Stairs for a group photo event and to celebrate all things Ahsoka. To participate, wear your favorite Ahsoka Tano shirt, accessories, or costume.

The two hosts will also be giving away FREE buttons to those representing Ahsoka on this special day! For fans at home, they encourage you to participate by sharing photos of your Ahsoka-themed outfits or costumes on social media and using the hashtag #AhsokaLives.

Those attending Ahsoka Lives Day might want to stick around for Johnamarie’s #WheresEzra Group Photo Event.

Are you a fan of Ezra Bridger? Are you constantly wondering where he is in the galaxy? Do you shout “Where’s Ezra?!” from time to time?

Here’s your chance to come together at the Grand Concourse Stairs on Saturday, April 13, at 3:00 PM CT to celebrate Ezra, swap theories, and shout “Where’s Ezra?!” as a group! Wear your favorite Ezra shirt, cosplay, or blue or orange clothing and get 2 FREE buttons. You can also come dressed as your favorite Star Wars Rebels character. If you love and miss Ezra, we want you there! For fans at home, you can also participate on social media with the hashtag #WheresEzra.

Here are two images you can save and use to help spread the word:

And for those of you who haven’t been to this particular convention center before, here’s where both Ahsoka Lives Day and #WheresEzra will take place. The location is marked by a star:

NOTE: Keep a close eye on both Facebook events as well as our individual Twitter accounts (@amy_geek and @BlueJaigEyes) for updates on location changes due to weather.

Let us know if you plan to attend by visiting the individual Facebook events:

We can’t wait to see you there!

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