Celebration Chicago: Black Series Rebels to Give Away Exclusive Pins Based on ‘The Phantom Menace’

Star Wars Celebration is only days away, but before you descend upon Chicago for what will inevitably be an unforgettable 5-day experience, make sure to add these exclusive giveaways to your schedule, especially if you’re a fan of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Black Series Rebels, a Star Wars show hosted by Alex Backes and Stephen Ellis, is known throughout the community for creating high quality and imaginative enamel pins inspired by fan-favorite Star Wars characters and old Kenner action figures. When their pins go on sale, it’s a mad rush to make sure you acquire a pin of your own before they’re completely sold out!

If you thought Black Series Rebels was going to sleep on Star Wars Celebration, think again. For this year’s event, they created an entire line of pins inspired by the fast food cups promoting the release of The Phantom Menace back in 1999. Since this year marks the 20th anniversary of the first prequel film, Alex and Stephen are more than ready to give the fans what they want.

Here’s a list of the pins that will be handed out during Celebration as well as the times and locations of these giveaways:

Cup Cup Binks

  • Date: Thursday, April 11
  • Time: 4:00 PM
  • Location: Booth #1611 (X-wing)

Queen Cup

  • Date: Friday, April 12
  • Time: 12:45 PM
  • Location: Main Concourse


  • Date: Saturday, April 13
  • Time: 5:00 PM
  • Location: Star Wars Show Live Stage

Darth Cup

  • Date: Sunday, April 14
  • Time: 12:30 PM
  • Location: Hasbro (Booth #1723)
(Photo: Black Series Rebels)

The Chosen Cup

  • Date: Monday, April 15
  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • Location: Celebration Store

On Sunday, April 14, you can also find Alex and Stephen at Emo vs Pop Punk Night at 9:00 PM at the Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago Ave). The event will be hosted by Nick Ghanbarian (from Bayside) and Black Series Rebels. There, the first 50 fans (with a Celebration Chicago badge) in attendance will have the chance to pick up a “Sad and Shirtless” pin inspired by Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. RSVP on Facebook.

Not only that, but the duo will also be giving out the following two stickers:

Here’s a closer look at the Reybo and J.J. Abrams stickers, and watch how they shine!

Finally, here’s an image that summarizes all the important information regarding the pins:

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to follow Black Series Rebels on Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and check out their shop for more merchandise.

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