Celebration Chicago: Exclusives of the ‘Star Wars’ Animated Shows, Part 2

Our list of must-have exclusives from Star Wars Celebration Chicago continues to grow, especially after the official Celebration website recently dropped dozens of new items.

From apparel and novelty items to plush and pins, there’s affordable merchandise from every era of Star Wars and the only place to find them is at the Celebration Store.

When it comes to entering the store at this year’s event, however, there are a few changes to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to download the official Star Wars Celebration mobile app and use the LIGHTSPEED LANE. Simply reserve a window of time and show up to the LIGHTSPEED LANE at your assigned time. You also have the option to order exclusive merchandise through the Star Wars Celebration app and either pick up your order at your convenience or ship it to your home.

More details about online ordering will be released soon. For now, here are our favorite items pertaining to the Star Wars animated shows:


  • Clone Wars Saved T-shirt, $27
  • Clone Wars Badge Art Kids T-shirt, $22
  • Ahsoka Badge Art Women’s T-shirt, $27
  • Rebels Mural T-shirt, $27
  • Star Wars Show Chopper Camera T-shirt, $27


  • Plush White Loth-wolf, $30
  • Plush Grey Loth-wolf, $30
  • Plush Brown Convor, $20
  • Plush Green Convor, $20
  • Plush Gorg, $25

  • Darth Maul Plush, $30


  • Bucket (R1-J5) Pin, part of the Droids 3-Pack Pin Set, Celebration Store, $25
  • Kazuda Xiono Pin, part of the Blind 2-Packs, Celebration Store, $15
  • Captain Rex Pin, part of the Blind 2-Packs, Celebration Store, $15
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn Pin, part of the Blind 2-Packs, Celebration Store, $15
  • Sabine Wren Pin, Exhibitor Exclusive at Fantasy Flight Games (#4018, #4318)
  • Ahsoka Tano Pin, Exhibitor Exclusive at Funko (#4819)

What piece of merchandise are you most excited about?

I’m in love with the plush animals. As someone who finds joy in making plush toys of her own, it’s exciting to see Lucasfilm continue to branch out into this area and create plush toys based on fan-favorite animals from the animated shows.

Also, it’s interesting to note the Star Wars Rebels mural t-shirt is different from what we originally saw in the series finale. Whoever designed the shirt added Kanan’s mask and turned Ezra’s serious expression into one with a side smile. Personally, I prefer the version from the series, especially when it comes to Kanan. I like how Sabine had painted him without the mask. That said, I do like Ezra’s smile. Part of the reason I adore Ezra is because he never let go the parts of himself that made him funny and playful. To me, the smile represents that playful side of him and how growing up and maturing doesn’t mean becoming cynical and bitter about life.

At the end of the day, it’s just a t-shirt, but it goes to show how much the mural means to some of us in the fan community, especially since it represents the journey they all went through individually as well as together as a crew. Needless to say, I still plan on buying it!

With Celebration just around the corner, make sure to follow @TWGsite for more updates.

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