Celebration Chicago: ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Season Two Premiere and Poster Thoughts

NOTE: This article contains mild spoilers for the Star Wars Resistance season two premiere debuting later this fall.

Fans who attended the Star Wars Resistance panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago were treated to two special surprises. Not only did they get to watch the first episode of the second season, but they also walked away with an exclusive double-sided poster.

You’re probably wondering why these two things came as a surprise to most fans. After all, Lucasfilm has a history of introducing exclusive content at conventions.

Personally, it caught me by surprise because the panel was only supposed to be an hour long, according to the programming schedule. While we all enjoyed the conversation happening on stage between the crew and cast, I couldn’t help but look down at the time and wonder if they’d drop a 22-minute episode on us during the allotted time.

Supervising Director and Executive Producer Justin Ridge and the team couldn’t say much about season two, but announcing a screening of the season two opener was the best way to end the panel.

As most of you will recall, the first season ended with the destruction of the Hosnian system, the Colossus launching into space, and Tam leaving with the First Order. As mentioned during the panel, the premiere picks up right where our heroes and villains left off in the season finale — some in worse shape than others.

Take, for example, the Colossus. The massive station is over 30 years old and spent 20 of those years rusting away in the ocean. When it comes to a mode of transportation in space, that’s pretty ancient, so there are going to be several complications along the way for Captain Doza and Team Fireball. In fact, the entire situation reminds me of General Organa and the Resistance using old technology because they have no other resources. Kaz and the others find themselves in the same predicament.

Speaking of Team Fireball, Yeager is down by one team member. Tam was his best worker, and her red patch represented the highest level of mechanic expertise. Her absence will definitely be noticed, and it will continue to have repercussions throughout the premiere. How will they move forward and cope without her around? How will the find the opportunity to get her back and apologize for what they’ve done?

Meanwhile, Tam is in the presence of the First Order. They’ve given her an opportunity to start fresh and live up to the dreams she originally envisioned for herself, specifically those associated with becoming a pilot. Let’s not forget, she also made a decision without being fully informed and understanding the bigger picture surrounding the First Order. Will her ambition and personal goals continue to cloud her judgment?

And of course, Kaz and the gang have to deal with the First Order on top of everything else. They’re not going to let Captain Doza get away with what happened on the Colossus. Not only that, but their intention from the beginning was to keep the station away from the Resistance. Tracking them down will be an essential task, and without spoiling it too much, there’s still one operative aboard the Colossus with the means to cause some serious damage.

Ultimately, what I love most about the second season premiere is how the series stays true to itself. Just because serious things happened in the final episodes of the previous season doesn’t mean the show will let go of the humor and childlike nature it’s known for. The characters are going to adapt to new situations and encounter new obstacles, but they’ll still be extremely funny and positively endearing along the way.

As for the poster, Justin Ridge did a phenomenal job in creating a piece of art that gives fans a clear idea of where season two is going. I particularly love how Tam is the same size as Kaz, demonstrating how her story will be just as important moving forward. She’s also wearing a different uniform now, and it appears she’s not alone. Jace Rucklin can be seen at the bottom wearing a TIE fighter pilot uniform.

It’s funny how I was concerned about him in the final episodes of season one because he made a brief appearance in the hallways of the Colossus as he and Lin Gaava were being escorted by stormtroopers. I thought he was being arrested, but now we know that wasn’t the case. Will Lin also show up as a TIE fighter pilot? What happened to Rucklin’s other friend, Gorrak Wiles? Was he arrested and taken away by the First Order because of his non-human form?

Having seen him in his new look, Rucklin strikes me as the person who would take pleasure in attacking Kaz in a future space battle, especially as payback. That said, will Tam be able to carry out those kinds of responsibilities? Will she realize that being a pilot for the First Order isn’t as grand as the picture Agent Tierny painted for her?

Finally, if and when she realizes the truth about the First Order, will Kaz and Yeager forgive her? It’s interesting how at this point in time, Tam isn’t willing to listen to or forgive either of them. But no matter what happens between them down the line, I can see Kaz and Yeager forgiving her for whatever she does under the First Order’s instructions and welcoming her back into the fold. Like Yeager once said, “It’s important to forgive people. When you don’t, nobody wins.”

What do you think of the new Star Wars Resistance poster? Any theories as to what might happen in the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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