Celebration Chicago: Ahsoka Lives Day and #WheresEzra Group Photos

Amy Ratcliffe and I joined forces again this year to bring Ahsoka Lives Day to Celebration Chicago. The love and support for Ahsoka grows bigger every year, and the 2019 gathering was no exception.

Amy and I were overwhelmed with joy at how many people showed up for the group photo. It’s crazy to think how a character from 2008 with little to no fan base became a fan-favorite character over the years, leaving a significant impact on fans and the way they express their fandom.

“It’s important because you guys are so vocal about it,” said Star Wars: The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni when he arrived at Ahsoka Lives Day. “I think that really matters. I think it’s important when you’re not something from the original trilogy that the fans have a voice and say, ‘I love that, but we like this, too.’ I’ve always felt that way… I understand everybody has an era they like. I’m just really grateful that you like anything that I’ve done and that [Ashley’s] been part of. And the crew… they’ll lose their minds when they see this, and it really does make them work that extra little bit. Some things we’re doing for [The Clone Wars panel], we really had to get under the gun to get it here on time and everybody really worked to get it because they know you love it, so thank you so much.”

Following the Ahsoka Lives Day photo, a group of fans came together to celebrate my favorite character from the franchise, Ezra Bridger. Ezra also had a rocky start, and while the gathering was much smaller compared to Ahsoka Lives, the joy and passion were just as strong. Had Amy and I created an Ahsoka appreciation day back when Ahsoka was first introduced, those gatherings would have been equally small. With more time and character development, I like to think the numbers will grow for Ezra.

“Wherever he is, he’s got an army of fans supporting him,” one fan said at the meetup. “And we can’t wait to find out what he’s been doing and how he’ll contribute to the Star Wars saga moving forward. I think that’s what makes his character so fascinating. He’s touched so many parts of the story already. His place in Star Wars is not over.”

Photos from the meetups

Many thanks to Brian Sims for taking photographs at both events!

Highlights from social media

1 comment on “Celebration Chicago: Ahsoka Lives Day and #WheresEzra Group Photos

  1. I’m not crying, you’re crying! 😭❤️ But seriously, thank you for giving us a glimpse of the day in Chicago!

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