Celebration Chicago: Concept Art of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Funko Pop!s

Lucasfilm’s Justin Bolger hosted the “Star Wars: The Force of Funko” panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, featuring Sean Wilkinson (Sr. Creative Director), Ben Butcher (VP Creative), Reis O’Brien (Design Manager), Amanda Brock (Senior Sculptor), and Brian Merten (Senior Manager, Product Development, Lucasfilm).

They talked about the design process throughout the years as well as their favorite and most difficult designs to work on. Toward the end of the panel, they highlighted figures that didn’t more forward in the production process, like the line of Star Wars Rebels characters from seasons three and four.

The presentation included Sabine with the darksaber, Gar Saxon, an Imperial Supercommando, Kanan with his mask, older Ezra, and Leia from “A Princess on Lothal.”

(Photo: Ben Newton)
(Photo: Ben Newton)
(Photo: Ben Newton)
(Photo: Ben Newton)

Sadly, they will not be released in the foreseeable future. According to those who attended the panel, the projects were put on hold.

“The Funko team said they haven’t been produced because the first Rebels wave sales were too slow,” relayed Ben Newton on Twitter.

Based on the reactions I’ve seen across social media, fans are disappointed with this decision, especially when Funko released a lackluster collection at Celebration Chicago. Some voiced they would have preferred the Rebels characters as exclusives rather than uninspired chrome versions of previously released characters.

One fan wrote on Instagram, “The Rebels wave is still to this day one of my favorite Funko releases. Regardless of value, it hits home in all the right ways. The show was amazing and underrated.”

It’s frustrating to know these ideas remain undeveloped, but O’Brien said at the panel to speak up for the things you want. That said, we have to remain vocal on social media and keep pushing for these designs to become a reality.

Some fans have already created a petition, while others eagerly wait for Funko’s Q&As to send their requests. Most importantly, make sure to tag Funko on Twitter and Instagram and let them know you want these figures.

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