Black Ace Patch by Endor Finders

We don’t know much about Griff Halloran, the ex-Imperial pilot who worked alongside Kazuda Xiono in fighting against the First Order occupation in Star Wars Resistance. He’s one of the top 5 ace pilots on the Colossus, but he’s remained largely in the background, only muttering a few words here and there.

Season two later this year promises bigger roles for these background pilots, especially since the Colossus is now on the run from the First Order. How will they contribute moving forward? Will Griff want to chase better opportunities somewhere else? Or does he consider the Colossus his home? Is he willing to defend it until the end?

We can’t wait to learn more about Griff and the others when the time comes, but until then, Endor Finders created a Black Ace inspired embroidered patch. The 4-inch patch is perfect for fans of Griff’s worn-out ex-Imperial look, and it’s available for $4.

Head over to Endor Finders to add the patch to your collection today.

(Images: Lucasfilm, Endor Finders)

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