The Her Universe Fashion Show Exhibit at the Comic-Con Museum

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The Comic-Con Museum pop-up at San Diego’s Balboa Park during SDCC celebrated all things geek, including geek couture from the Her Universe Fashion Show.

We don’t know about you, but the highlight of our weekend was visiting the first ever geek couture exhibit featuring designs from past Her Universe Fashion Shows at the Comic-Con Museum. Not only did the display bring back memories of some of our favorite moments on the runway, but it gave fans the opportunity to see these masterpieces up close and personal.

The designs from this year’s Fashion Show as well as some of Ashley Eckstein’s runway looks were also added to the display and made the Museum’s pop-up a must-see destination for Her Universe supporters over the weekend.

The 20-piece collection sat nearby “The Batman Experience,” a massive, interactive exhibition focused on Batman’s 80th anniversary. The installation featured everything from props and vehicles to games, costumes, and archival art. To celebrate the occasion, Eckstein wore a special Batman-inspired gown to “The Gathering,” a special ceremony inducting Batman into the Comic-Con Museum’s Character Hall of Fame.

“Deep in the heart of Comic-Con and its culture and its community is an appreciation of comic art, and maybe a feeling that comic at some point in history has been considered second class,” said executive director Adam Smith in an interview with NPR. “We want to present it in a first class environment here, to show the world the comic art is just as valid as anything else.”

With that message in mind, the museum also acknowledged how geek couture is just as valid as the collections that walk down the runway at New York Fashion Week and other high-end fashion presentations. The Her Universe Fashion Show designs are a representation of how movies, television, literature, and comic books have impacted the way people express themselves. Fashion is a statement of everything that’s unconventional and different, and the Comic-Con Museum and the Her Universe Fashion Show celebrated those geek-inspired differences during SDCC and will continue to celebrate them for years to come.

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2 comments on “The Her Universe Fashion Show Exhibit at the Comic-Con Museum

  1. Thank you for taking pictures and posting!

  2. These dresses are drool-worthy! I’m fascinated by the range of entertainment inspiring the costumes including sci-fi, anime, fantasy, and horror films. The designers effectively combined whimsical with practical to create a wearable outfit that would leave an impression on others.

    My favorite is the purple ballgown Harmony Leiker one, inspired by Alphone Mucha, with the small gold lanterns inspired by “Tangled”. I could imagine a character wearing that to a masquerade ball in a fantasy TV show or film.

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