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10 Questions We Have After Watching the ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Season Two Trailer

Traveling through hyperspace with a battle-damaged ship and the First Order on their tracks, the crew of the Colossus have little in the way of answers. Where will they go next? How will the residents get along with the pirates? What’s happening with the rest of the Resistance?

The good news is they have each other, but for how long? Like the citizens on Macross Island in Robotech, they didn’t ask to be part of this journey. What kind of opposition will Captain Doza face when the second and final season of Star Wars Resistance returns in October?

We watched the recently-released trailer more than a dozen times and jotted down even more questions we have for the upcoming season.

Where will they get their resources now?

Yeager and Neeku bring up something important in the first few seconds of the trailer. They’re running low on food, water, and fuel. The residents of the Colossus used to rely on Castilon’s ocean for food (and old wreckage to sell and trade for) to sustain themselves. Not only that, but they’ve taken on more people than they can support. They’re going to have to turn to other means in order to acquire what they need.

Is this why we see Hype talking with a Hutt? After all, Hutts are known for having money, power, and widespread connections. Could Hype be calling in a favor from an old friend as a way to get money and resources? Are they looking to pass through Hutt-owned space? Or could he be looking for alternate locations to park the Colossus?

Speaking of new locations, is the Colossus meant to stay in one spot, like how it resided on Castilon for the past 20-30 years? Or is it meant to serve a higher purpose with the Resistance? The decision ultimately rests in Captain Doza’s hands, since the ship belongs to him.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

One thing the Colossus is definitely going to suffer from is the lack of fuel. In the trailer, Neeku holds what appears to be a vial of coaxium. Instead of the blue refined fuel we’re accustomed to seeing (like in Solo: A Star Wars Story), the vial he holds is red. Unrefined coaxium turns red when it starts to destabilize. It’ll also violently explode if it’s not stored at a proper temperature.

If the fuel they’re using is running low or it’s no longer viable, they’ll have to find an alternative (and affordable) energy source. Is the power source mentioned during the trailer something that could potentially power the Colossus? Our Force instincts tell us it’s something else (an ancient Force-driven device, maybe?), but we’ll have to wait and find out later on.

How will Captain Doza keep order in the Colossus?

Doza has several problems on his plate, and while we believe he’ll do everything possible to restore some stability to his station, people will no doubt make it difficult for him because he is the one who invited the First Order in the first place.

Granted, he did so because of the pirate attacks, but the general population might not think about it that way. Doza could have hired more ace pilots to increase security or hired bounty hunters to eliminate the pirate problem at the source. Instead, he was manipulated by the First Order and now he and his people have to pay the consequences.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

You also have residents who may want to abandon ship altogether because traveling through space and being chased by the First Order isn’t something they signed up for. The Colossus was a center for commerce and business. How will Doza convince people to stay and follow his command during such a turbulent time?

More importantly, how will he do so when people like Kragan Gorr might pose a threat to his authority? He and his pirates live only to steal and make profits. If Kragan wants to commandeer the Colossus in the hopes of expanding his own opportunities, not only does Doza have to face external threats, but he could have a mutiny-in-the-making right under his nose.

How will the Aeosian people play a role?

The great thing about launching the Colossus into space is that it allows the characters and audience to explore new places and see new faces.

In the trailer, the Colossus appears to find a temporary home on a different planet with its own bodies of water, but the First Order descends upon them yet again. If you look closer, though, there’s a third group of people involved in the fight.

We think these are the Aeosians and leading them is the Aeosian Queen voiced by the ever-talented Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess). That detail alone blows our minds, but it’s possible Kaz and the others manage to make an alliance with this sentient species, especially since the Resistance isn’t in the state to offer any backup.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

What other new friends will the crew make along the way? And on that same note, what new enemies will be chasing after them?

What will Tam do when she sees the Fireball?

Tam is a TIE fighter pilot now. With the First Order in search of the Colossus, how will she react to seeing the Fireball and the other ace pilots in battle? Will she blindly follow orders and shoot down the people she once knew? Or will she have a Kylo Ren moment and hesitate before someone else takes the shot?

The fact of the matter is Tam is a good person. Sooner of later, her gut instinct to do the right thing is going to clash with something the First Order will ask of her. She’s also smart. She’s going to start putting the pieces together the more she’s exposed to how the First Order operates. Will she force herself to go with the flow of her new life? Or will she finally put her head to good use and find a way out of the mess she’s in?

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Is the man in the transmission Kaz’s father?

Hamato Xiono has been a mystery to us since day one. Literally! His first appearance was a blurry hologram. We kept hoping he’d appear again and stir up some father-son drama, but the destruction of the Hosnian system happened.

Some fans believe his father died, leaving Kaz to deal with the emotional weight of not reconciling with him beforehand. Others, like myself, theorized he was sleeping with the enemy the entire time, allowing him (and maybe other family members?) to escape the destruction that befell the New Republic.

After all, Leia mentioned to Kaz how senators were profiting from the creation of First Order weapons. We labeled Kaz’s father as a potential traitor and eagerly hoped for a dramatic father and son confrontation in season two. After watching the trailer, however, maybe Leia’s line was meant to throw us off.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

What if this is an old transmission from Kaz’s father? What if Hamato sent this to Kaz right before the destruction of Hosnian Prime? Any good parent would want to warn their child of any impending danger. If that’s the case, then we are in for a rough and emotional ride as Kaz comes to terms with the reality of his loss.

If his father is alive, however, what if bounty hunters are involved? Kaz comes from a wealthy family, and he’s been away for a long time. What if his father had been kidnapped and held for ransom? Kaz wouldn’t have known about it because of his involvement with the Resistance, but what if Kaz catches wind of this news? If there’s one thing we know about Kaz, it’s his desire to help people no matter the cost.

Who hired the bounty hunters?

Kaz and his friends are in for a rude awakening if they come face to face with a bounty hunter. Unlike First Order soldiers (who are stronger in numbers), bounty hunters are expertly skilled to handle things on their own and as efficiently as possible. What makes most of them deadlier is they have no allegiance and the number one thing that dictates their actions is money.

What if the First Order hired these bounty hunters similarly to how they hired the pirates in season one? In a way, it reminds us of how Darth Vader and the Empire hired bounty hunters in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

If the First Order are handling the hunt for the Resistance on their own, what if the bounty hunters were hired by the Guavian Death Gang instead? We saw them previously in “The Platform Classic” and they made a brief appearance in the trailer. It wouldn’t be the first time a criminal organization hired bounty hunters to do their dirty work. Ketsu Onyo, for example, worked as a bounty hunter for the Black Sun in Star Wars Rebels before she eventually joined the Rebellion.

Either way, it’s safe to say Kaz and company are going to have a lot to juggle once the bounty hunters enter the scene.

Where does Synara’s allegiance lie?

Last time we saw Synara, she and the pirates intercepted Kaz’s transmission. This eventually led to the pirates joining the fight against the First Order. Before all that, Tam was the one to show Synara the power of friendship.

Now that she’s back on the Colossus, which side will she choose? It’s an important question to ask because if Kragan decides to start scheming and stir up some trouble, that’s going to come into direct conflict with the new friends she’s made on the Colossus.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Synara left mostly because the First Order was cracking down on the station, but without their presence, we can see her having more independence from Kragan and the rest of the pirates. We also want her to stick around because she and Tam had a refreshing connection in “Synara’s Score,” and with Tam now part of the First Order, we’re curious if that connection will play a role again.

What’s next for Eila and Kel?

In the first half of season one, Eila and Kel mostly lingered in the background. As time went by, they offered helping hands in several situations.

In one instance, Eila even started to show a small hint of Force sensitivity. In “Bibo,” she had premonitions about something big coming to the Colossus. Whether it’s the Force or something else at play, Eila is definitely a character we should observe closely from now on, especially as she, Kel, and Kaz happen upon ancient ruins in the upcoming season.

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Star Wars Resistance stands out from the other animated shows because so far, there hasn’t been a Force-sensitive character. The focus is mostly on the threat of the First Order and the goings-on of the Colossus. That said, the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi have had a rippling effect across the galaxy and the Force. We even see a young Force-sensitive child looking up at the night sky with a hopeful and determined expression at the end of The Last Jedi.

It stands to reason bits of the Force might also pop up in the final season of Resistance, and Eila might be our connection.

Why are Kaz and Neeku dressed in First Order uniforms?

Kaz and Neeku are great company for most occasions, but when it comes to infiltrating the First Order? Not so much. As much as we adore them, putting them behind enemy lines is a disaster waiting to happen.

Could this be their attempt to steal resources, such as fuel, for the Colossus? The crew in Star Wars Rebels used to do it all the time to the Empire. If that’s not the case, then is this their attempt to get Tam back? As far as we know, Neeku doesn’t know about Tam’s departure. How will he take the news?

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

As for how they plan to get out of this particular mess, the trailer showed a glimpse of a Resistance X-wing taking flight as well as a TIE fighter attempting to take off. Our guess is Kaz and Neeku are in the TIE fighter as they try to navigate their way out of First Order hands.

We’ll have to wait and see if they succeed in whatever mission they embarked on, but for now, it’s fun knowing Kaz and Neeku will be wreaking havoc of some kind. There’s no doubt it will lead to lots of laughs and facepalming.

Will Commander Pyre suffer a terrible fate?

My love for Commander Pyre is known far and wide, so Captain Phasma coming down hard on my man with the gold armor made me scared for what the future holds for him.

Sure, Pyre is on the wrong side of things and he takes pleasure in inflicting fear in others, so he deserves what’s coming for him. That said, part of me still wants to see a live-action Pyre pop up in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. In order for that to happen, though, he’s going to need a win.

Will Commander Pyre have a success at one point that will let him slide out of dangerously thin ice? Or will he crash and burn, like Major Vonreg before him?

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

What are you looking forward to seeing when the series returns later this fall? Do you have any theories about what’s to come? Share your comments below.

The second and final season of Star Wars Resistance will return on Sunday, October 6, 2019, at 10 pm ET/PT. Episode will also be available on DisneyNOW.

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