13 Must-Have Fan-Made Items for ‘The Clone Wars’ and ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Fans

Pins, patches, and stickers are the best and most affordable way of decorating all sorts of accessories. To help share the love, we rounded up these amazing fan-made products inspired by Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

Loth-Wolf Patch

(Photo: doodlebethel)

Transport yourself to another realm with these amazing 3-inch iron-on embroidered Loth-wolf patches by doodlebethel. Shop here!

Purrgil Sticker

(Photo: doodlebethel)

Decorate your water bottles and binders with these holographic stickers of everyone’s favorite space whales, the purrgil. Shop here!

Cad Bane Pin

(Image: padawan.pins)

One of the deadliest bounty hunters around, this Cad Bane pin will surely stare down anyone looking at him the wrong way. Shop here!

Baby Ahsoka Pin

(Photo: padawan.pins)

This is the most adorable Ahsoka pin you’ll ever own! And with her glittery blue eyes shining at you so sweetly, how can you pass it up? Shop here!

Hera Syndulla Pin

(Photo: padawan.pins)

Looking to build your Hera Syndulla pin collection? We recommend adding this Spectre-2 beauty by Padawan.Pins. Shop here!

Queen Sabine Pin

(Image: tanoalivepins)

Sabine wielding the darksaber is one of the best story lines in Star Wars Rebels, so why not celebrate that with this amazing pin? Shop here!

Bo-Katan Pin

(Image: tanoalivepins)

From Death Watch to ruler of Mandalore, here is a Bo-Katan pin to show off to your friends when new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars return next year. Pre-Order here!

Darth Vader Pin

(Photo: fulcrumdawn)

Does your heart ache every time you watch the fight between Darth Vader and Ahsoka in “Twilight of the Apprentice”? Well, here’s a pin by FulcrumDawn to remind you of that heartbreaking reunion. Shop here!

Thrawn Pin

(Photo: fulcrumdawn)

This Thrawn pin will no doubt help you be just as strategic and calculating as the Grand Admiral himself. Shop here!

Temple Guard Mask Patch

(Photo: fulcrumdawn)

Tasked with protecting the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, this Temple Guard patch on your jacket or backpack will ward off evil.*

*Warding off evil is not guaranteed. Shop here!

Colorful TIE Fighter Sticker

(Photo: fulcrumdawn)

Are you a fan of Sabine’s colorful TIE fighter? Here’s a sticker to decorate your favorite journal or notebook. Shop here!

Commander Meiloorun Sticker

(Photo: fulcrumdawn)

Commander Meiloorun is here and reporting for duty! This adorable sticker by FulcrumDawn is a must-have for fans of Zeb’s brilliant codename. Shop here!

Chopper Pin

(Photo: laserbrainpatchco)

Last but certainly not least is our favorite cranky and lovable droid in pin form by Laserbrain Patch Co. Shop here!

What will you be adding to your shopping cart? Let us know in the comments below.

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