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Resistance Replay: 5 Highlights From “Into the Unknown”

From the chaos of zero gravity to Tam wearing her new helmet, we picked out our top moments from the season two premiere.

Star Wars Resistance is finally back, and we have so many questions! How will Kaz and the rest of the Colossus deal with their new situation? Will Tam ever realize the truth about the First Order? Will the pirates cooperate? Most importantly, will Opeepit get his floor buffer back?

We’ll have to wait and watch the rest of the season to have these questions answered, but for now, we’ll keep our heads focused on the season premiere, “Into the Unknown.”

After our heroes escaped the clutches of the First Order, they’re now stranded in space with little to no resources. While D’Qar is close by, it’s still out of reach and the crew has a variety of things to fix before getting there. Torra, Kaz, Neeku, and CB-23 try to get some systems up and running, but the First Order rollie droid from the first season returns with a vengeance.

Here are 5 highlights from the premiere episode that stood out to us the most:

The First Order’s Plans

While the First Order had a victory against the New Republic by eradicating the Hosnian system, their forces on Castilon experienced opposite results. The Colossus jumped into hyperspace, leaving Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny to report their loss to Captain Phasma.

For the entire first season, we were trying to figure out why the Colossus was so important to the First Order. Kaz and Yeager theorized in “The New Trooper” the Colossus would be a refueling stop for the enemy’s forces, but we finally get some clarification from Captain Phasma.

“That refueling station is a valuable resource to General Organa. You must not make sure it does not fall into her grasp,” she said. Technically, Kaz and Yeager were on the right track, but it wasn’t because the First Order wanted to use it for themselves. Instead, they wanted to keep the Colossus away from the Resistance to prevent them from refueling their ships and using the Colossus as a space station.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the Colossus will end up in General Organa’s hands down the line, especially since the events in Star Wars: The Last Jedi left the Resistance with little resources.

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Torra’s Got It Under Control

The Colossus needs to undergo massive repairs, so Kaz suggests they go to engineering. Torra offers to help and her father supports that decision. In season one, we saw at times how overprotective he could be when it came to his daughter and ensuring her safety, so it’s refreshing to see Captain Doza not act that way in this instance.

Not only that, but when things are taking too long down in engineering, Yeager reminds Doza how Torra is with Kaz and Neeku. Knowing his daughter is on the task eases him because he trusts her to get the job done. We love seeing the confidence he has in Torra because he knows from experience that Kaz can be all over the place and Neeku can become easily distracted.

Even though she’s young and still has much to learn, she has the qualities of a strong leader, just like her father. We can’t wait to see how Torra continues to grow this season and how else she’ll contribute to the cause against the First Order.

Zero-G Fun

Humor is something Star Wars Resistance does incredibly well and it continues to shine in this episode, particularly when the Kaz mentions how everyone in the upper decks must be miserable because of the lack of gravity. It cuts right over to Aunt Z’s Tavern, where everyone is having a grand ol’ time floating in the air.

Add to that the joy ride they go through between gaining gravity and losing it again and you can’t help but laugh it up with the residents of the Colossus.

(Image: Lucasfilm)

CB-23 to the Rescue

We know BB-8 is a fan-favorite droid, but we’re happy to see CB-23 take the spotlight and continue to be an awesome and reliable droid companion. We naturally gasped at the sight of her body and head floating lifelessly in the hallway and cheered for her when she tackled MB-13. Once things are back up and running, she definitely deserves an oil bath for her valiant work. We also can’t wait to see what other heroics she’ll perform next.

Tam Donning the Helmet

The big takeaway this episode is Tam committing herself further to the First Order by wearing the TIE fighter pilot uniform. She still feels hurt and angry about the lies Yeager and Kaz told her, but she’s also blind about the First Order’s true nature. Sometimes, people who refuse to listen to the truth have to find that truth on their own.

Also, her version of peace and protection differs vastly from what the First Order means by bringing peace and protection to the galaxy. It’ll be fascinating to see how her goodhearted nature will clash with any orders she receives from her First Order superiors.

Another detail that caught our attention? The fact that becoming a pilot is more important to her. We know she’s an ambitious individual and she’s been working hard to accomplish her goal, but how far is she willing to go to keep living that dream? Is she willing to sacrifice her ideals in the process? When the First Order tells her to shoot innocent people down, will she do it if it means the act will ensure her role as a pilot? We can’t help but think Tam will do the right thing down the line, but she first has to experience the horrors of the First Order herself before sense finally kicks in.

Lastly, will she report the message Kaz sent her to Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre? As much as we love how Kaz thinks with his heart, Torra is right. What he did put them all in grave danger. What repercussions will his actions have in the following episodes? We’ll have to wait and see.

(Image: Lucasfilm)

Catch the next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “A Quick Salvage Run,” on Sunday, October 13, 2019, at 6:00 pm ET on Disney XD and 10:00 pm ET on the Disney Channel. It will also be available to watch on DisneyNOW.

(Images: Lucasfilm)

2 comments on “Resistance Replay: 5 Highlights From “Into the Unknown”

  1. Riley Bridgham

    When they were in the engine room, it reminded me of a Friday the 13th setting. And I like how Captain Doza put a hand on Kaz’s shoulder after he told him about his home getting destroyed by the First Order.
    And I like the scene where Kaz is freaking out about the zero gravity and Torra says “You’ve never been in zero gravity before?” LOL😂

    • Johnamarie Macias

      I love that conversation between Doza and Kaz. And yeah, Kaz screaming during the zero gravity scene had me laughing out loud. So happy this show is back!

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