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Kaz and the Others Need to Find Hyperfuel in “A Quick Salvage Run”

We rounded up the latest previews, promos, and episodic images to give you a closer look at the next all-new episode.

It’s safe to say Kaz made a horrible mistake in sending Tam that message in the season premiere. While it was a sweet and genuine gesture meant to try and bring her back, she now has the means to take him and the rest of the Colossus down. The thing is our heroes have no fuel to escape such an event.

In “A Quick Salvage Run,” Kaz suggests they take the hyperfuel they need from a downed First Order ship, but the salvage mission is compromised when the First Order shows up.

We rounded up the latest previews, promos, and episodic images to give you a closer look at what’s to come in this all-new episode.


The official preview starts to give the audience some hope and quickly snatches it all away. Tam hasn’t given Kaz and the others away yet. She still has the comlink in her possession and she attempts to listen to it, but Jace Rucklin shows up and ruins everything!

Last time we saw Rucklin, he was being escorted by stormtroopers down a hall in season one. We thought he was being arrested and tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but this space version of Draco Malfoy will no doubt pose a problem moving forward. Not only does Tam have Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre whispering in her ear, but she’s also going to have Rucklin doing the same.

Had he not stepped in, Tam probably would have listened to the entire message. She might have even changed her mind about the First Order, but his presence is going to push her further down this dark path.

Fans can also catch a hidden preview on the Star Wars Resistance season one DVD. Located in the “Path of Resistance” bonus feature, this preview shows the Colossus arriving at D’Qar only to find the recent destruction of the Resistance base. Read more about it here.


Tam donning the uniform and putting the helmet on is just the beginning of what will inevitably be a season-long torturing session. Next, she will climb into a TIE Fighter and start shooting down enemy targets. The thing is those enemy targets used to be her friends.

In this promo, she tells herself, “You’ve got this,” but does she really have it in her to shoot down the people she once knew? Torra and the ace pilots (with the exception of Hype Fazon) didn’t do anything to her. Her quarrel is with Kaz and Yeager, the two people who kept her in the dark. Is she going to easily fall into this First Order mindset and pick these pilots off one by one? Or will she realize this thrill ride to achieve galactic peace isn’t what she signed up for?

Episodic Images

Here are 6 official episodic images from the upcoming episode, where we see Kaz and the crew of the Colossus approaching D’Qar as well as Kaz, Synara, and Kragan carrying out the salvaging mission. Since Tam and Rucklin are on the other side of the war now, we’ll also continue to see what’s going on with them and the First Order.

“A Quick Salvage Run” airs on Sunday, October 13, 2019, at 6:00 pm ET on Disney XD and 10:00 pm ET on the Disney Channel. It will also be available to watch on DisneyNOW.

(Images: Lucasfilm)

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