Pre-Order the Limited Edition ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Art Book

Earlier this year, Lucasfilm and Dark Horse Books announced a Star Wars Rebels art book that encompasses all four seasons of the award-winning series.

Fans who attended the Rebels Remembered panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago were treated to the art book’s cover reveal. Drawn by Kilian Plunkett, the stylized version of the Ghost crew’s mural on Lothal will grace the front of the art book.

Then, back in July, Plunkett shared line art of the cover on his Instagram and mentioned that a limited edition version of the art book would also be released. Specifically, he said, “The deluxe edition is shaping up to be pretty unique.”

Thanks to Amazon, we now know what the deluxe edition looks like, and it’s outstanding!

According to the description, “This deluxe limited-edition package of The Art of Star Wars Rebels features a beautiful slipcase with illuminating lights and sound effects of igniting lightsabers when the case opens! This collection also includes a folio featuring an exclusive piece of art and a variant cover of the book to create a truly immersive experience that fans won’t want to miss!”

Given the variant cover, the illuminating lights and sound effects, the exclusive art, and the content contained within the book, the total comes out to be $100. You can pre-order the limited edition on Amazon.

If you’re looking for the regular copy, you can also pre-order it here.

Originally scheduled to be released on October 1, The Art of Star Wars Rebels will now be released on March 17, 2020.

(Images: Lucasfilm, H/T: Jlassijlali)

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