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The Pirates Volunteer to Find Food in “Hunt on Celsor 3”

We rounded up the latest previews and episodic images to get you ready for the hunt in the next all-new episode.

Resources are running extremely low on the Colossus. Soon, our heroes and everyone else living in the space station will run out of food entirely. There’s no doubt this is causing unrest among Captain Doza’s people, but since they had no luck contacting the Resistance and the Colossus still needs to undergo major repairs, there are no immediate solutions. At least, not at first.

In “Hunt on Celsor 3,” the pirates volunteer to find food for the Colossus, but their shifty behavior and hidden ulterior motives make Kaz suspicious of them. He and Torra join them on the hunt, but in the process, they run into bigger problems.

We rounded up the latest previews and episodic images to give you a closer look at what’s to come in this all-new episode.


As much as we love them and find them funny, the pirates pose an internal threat to the Colossus. Characters like Kragan Gorr are unpredictable. Look at how he started banging away at the coaxium container in “A Quick Salvage Run” because he got frustrated. We have no doubt he’s able to do more damage and that’s the last thing Captain Doza needs.

Unfortunately for him and the rest of the Colossus, they have no choice but to cooperate with the pirates. With Kragan and his gang offering to get food, the gesture may seem sincere, but you’d have to be a fool to trust them at their word. Thankfully, Kaz follows his gut instinct when it comes to the pirates, since Kragan will undoubtedly have some sort of trick up his sleeve.

What we love most about this preview is the Pirates of the Caribbean vibe as the Galleon sails the high skies above the frozen moon from the previous episode. They intend to capture the jakoosk for food, but once again, Kragan has an untrustworthy look about him. We’re curious to find out what he’s planning and how it could negatively affect the Colossus.

One thing we ultimately find kind of disturbing is the fact that they’re willing to eat this giant creature. We’re reminded of the joopa in Star Wars Rebels, and neither of them look appetizing. Then again, beggars can’t be choosers.

Episodic Images

Here are 7 official episodic images from the upcoming episode, where the pirates offer to get food and travel to Celsor 3. We also get a glimpse of Torra and Kaz outside of their ships and what appears to be Captain Doza and Yeager carrying plates of food.

“Hunt on Celsor 3” airs on Sunday, October 27, 2019, at 6:00 pm ET on Disney XD and 10:00 pm ET on the Disney Channel. It will also be available to watch on DisneyNOW.

(Images: Lucasfilm)

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