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Resistance Replay: 4 Highlights From “The Engineer”

From learning more about Neeku to an Opeepit sighting, here are our top moments from the latest episode.

Things are not what they seem in the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, “The Engineer.” Neeku’s friendship with Nena, the stranded engineer rescued by Synara and Kaz, turns out to be an act for the First Order. We should have seen it coming, though, since the First Order has hired non-human characters in the past to do their dirty work.

While the episode doesn’t move them forward in a significant way, it does help emphasize a few good lessons. For example, not everyone they come across will have good intentions. It’s necessary to stay vigilant during a time of war because it’s necessary in order to ensure survival. Most importantly, the friendships they make have the potential to change people for the better. Will Nena have a change of heart down the line and realize her mistakes? And by extension, will Tam?

We’ll have to wait and see, but for now, here are our four highlights from the episode.

Neeku’s Origin

Neeku is one of those characters who gives and gives for the greater good, but he rarely takes the time to tell us more about himself mainly because the focus has been on the rest of Team Fireball. It also doesn’t help that Kaz comes across as a bit self-centered.

(Images: Lucasfilm)

It’s crazy to think how we went through the entire first season without getting details about Neeku’s background. Executive Producer Brandon Auman once mentioned Neeku was from a family of bantha herders, but it’s great to finally hear Neeku say it himself in a much-needed conversation, where he gets to reflect about where he’s from and where he’s going.

What makes his story more touching is the fact that his parents sold their prized bantha calf in order to advance their child’s interest in engineering. Now we know where Neeku gets his penchant for giving stuff away in order to benefit others. It means a lot to know Neeku had a supportive family. We just wish his current family on the Colossus would show him that same support and appreciation in a grander way because they take him for granted.

Opeepit Sighting

Nothing makes us happier than to see Opeepit get his floor buffer back. Maintaining the Colossus is a tough job for one person and not having the appropriate tools makes the job even tougher. We love how Opeepit commits to his job, even during the heat of battle. Here’s hoping he and his floor buffer don’t suffer anymore separations in the future!

(Images: Lucasfilm)

Synara’s Intuition

Synara continues to show how she’s meant to be more than just a simple pirate. Her intuition has been consistently right about several things, including Tam’s betrayal and Nena’s true purpose. It’s like she can sniff out the truth, while everyone else remains blind to it. We don’t know what this means for her future, but her natural instinct during these dark times is something that’s sorely needed.

Then again, we wonder if this part of Synara unwilling to trust people is a result of Tam leaving with the First Order. She knows Tam is inherently a good person, so for her to fall into the First Order’s hands might make it difficult for Synara to trust anyone outside of her current circle because there might be others with seemingly good intentions out to get them. So far, her instinct to ask questions first and trust later is working out for her and the crew, but will it eventually backfire on her?

(Images: Lucasfilm)

Nena’s True Intentions

Due to her sweet demeanor and growing friendship with Neeku, we hoped beyond hope Nena wasn’t a First Order saboteur. Sadly, she had other intentions, and it hurt us to see her leave Neeku behind the way she did. That said, she looked unhappy about her actions, so we know she’s not someone who takes pleasure in maliciously sabotaging others. She’s just someone willing to do anything to survive.

Perhaps, there’s still a chance for her in the future to right her wrongs. As long as the First Order doesn’t get to her first. We’re hoping this isn’t the end of Nena and that she and Neeku are able to mend their friendship at some point in the near future (and the same goes for Kaz and Tam).

(Images: Lucasfilm)

Catch the next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “From Beneath,” on Sunday, November 10, 2019, at 6:00 pm ET on Disney XD and 10:00 pm ET on the Disney Channel. It will also be available to watch on DisneyNOW.

(Images: Lucasfilm)

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