Johnamarie Macias
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Johnamarie Macias is the owner and content creator of

She is also the co-host of the mother-daughter duo podcast, Rebels Chat. Her other podcasts include Hangin’ with Team KananGalactic Fashion, and Star Scavengers.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for her personal thoughts on Star Wars and other geeky content.

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Elisa Ardell
Position: Content Contributor
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Elisa Ardell is the writer and artist behind Star Wars Destinies, an online fan comic featuring characters from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Elisa also created a Patreon to pursue her love of art and create her own original comic.

You can find more of her artwork on Tumblr and read her updates on Twitter.

Saf Davidson
Position: Content Contributor
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Saf is a narrative designer, podcaster, and photographer.

She’s part of a variety of podcasts, including Blaster Canon, Rogue Podron, Western Reaches, and The Intergalactic Express. She has her own podcast network for diverse voices and eclectic content called NSFW Podcasts.

You can find her daily thoughts on Twitter and her writings on her personal site.