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SW Fan Artist Spotlight


Are you an artist? Are you a fan of Star Wars? Do you use your abilities to create works of art focused around the Star Wars universe and its characters? Do you have crafts inspired by Star Wars? Do you have a collection of fan art you’d love to share? Please take this opportunity to highlight your skills and the person behind the art.

For sample posts, check out the Fan Artists section.

To complete an application, please answer the following questions and submit your answers through the Contact form or email them to us. Make sure to also send the name (full name, nickname, or other) with which you’d prefer to be introduced.

When answering the questions, please think them through, so that way, people truly understand you as an artist. In other words, no one-sentence answers. Elaborate and speak up!

  1. Introduce yourself to our readers.
  2. When and how did you become a Star Wars fan?
  3. When and why did you start to create fan art?
  4. Why do you think fan art is so popular?
  5. What tools do you use to create your art?
  6. What is your favorite Star Wars piece that you have created and why are you fond of it?
  7. What are the best and most difficult things about being an artist?
  8. What advice would you offer to someone who is interested in pursuing art as a hobby or profession?
  9. [Optional] What are your thoughts regarding Star Wars Rebels? Where do you think the story will go now that it’s ending?
  10. [Optional] What are you looking forward to seeing in the future of Star Wars films?
  11. [Optional] How else do you express your love for Star Wars (cosplay, fanfiction, etc.)?
  12. [Optional] Any final thoughts?

Please allow 3-5 days to process your answers. Also, please be aware that some of your art will appear in the post and as a featured image on the home page. If you’d prefer not to have your art displayed on the website, please make a note of that in the contact form or email.

Spread the word to your fellow Star Wars fan artists, and may the Force be with you!